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About us.

Who we are.

Kenfarms and Agrovet is a Nigeria’s leading digital agricultural and e-Commerce marketplace for Agricultural produce, Tools, Veterinary services and Allied products and also a leading Nigeria’s Digital Agriculture Platform that empowers rural farmers by providing them with Poultry pens, Birds, Vaccinations, Feeds training on modern farming techniques and provides a market for the sale of their farm produce. This gives the farmers the capacity to rear / farm more birds and by extension leads to increased food production and security in Africa.

Whether you have been planning for long or you just thought of starting your own farming business, ( Organic farming, Poultry farming, Snail, Aquaponics farming etc ) whether your farming business has been flourishing, or it is dying, the stress of establishing and managing a farm business can be very overwhelming. At Kenfarm, we take the stress off you so you can concentrate on counting the profits you accrue. Kenfarm is an organization primarily established to guide interested investors through the process of investing wisely in the scores of farming businesses.

We have tested the waters. With years of experience in Farming and Poultry management, Kenfarm Inc is adept to take you from ground zero to an enviable height. We do not just speculate, we give you guidance that will surely work. When you decide, there's no regrets.

At Kenfarms we know investment is much more than money. Ideas, expertise and experience are what gives your money value. We have the three. That is why we inform you from day one about how much you will generate on your investments, we will also tell how long it will take you to start making the money. No technicalities, no red tape, we lay the cards on the table. There is no hide and seek, it is guaranteed that the business wont fail.

Scattered across Nigeria and beyond, there are hundreds of seasoned and experienced professionals that synergise just because of you. We network so things can work for you. Whether the investment is big or small the load is evenly spread to ensure rapid and qualitative delivery.

A visit to our websites will show you that we cannot outline and explain all that we do on this page. But we have thousands of farming business ideas and universal principles that make them work. From back yard poultry to a very large poultry farm, marketing from local to international. All you need is to tell us what you want. In case you don't know, we will tell you. Whether you have a great idea now or you are bereft of it, just give us a call and you will be glad you did.